Does Mirrored Furniture Break Easily ?

Does Mirrored Furniture Break Easily ?

Does Mirrored Furniture Break Easily ?

The answer is absolutely not. A typical mirror is fragile, and can be scratched or break easily, but the one used in furniture is tempered glass. This glass is a type of safety glass manufactured in such a way to increase its strength.

The tempered glass is four times stronger than regular glass, In addition to the fact that when this glass breaks, it breaks into small, harmless granules instead of sharp shards that can be very dangerous.

Sometimes, what will be used in mirrored furniture is acrylic glass. This type of glass is made of polycarbonate, and it four to eight times harder than regular glass. Acrylic glass is shatter-proof, lighter in weight and cheaper than regular glass. The only issue with this one is that it causes some distortion of the reflection.

The type of glass used in mirrored furniture either it’s tempered or acrylic can resist perfectly to impacts and shocks, and can be used for a long period of time.

What are Mirrored Furniture ?

The term mirrored furniture refers to any kind of furniture that is covered totally or partially by glass. Nowadays, you can find mirrored countertops, mirrored backsplash, mirrored wardrobes, mirrored night stands, and much more of furniture that have some or all the faces covered by glass.

Mirrored furniture has been created for nearly as long as mirrors have been created. The add a very special touch and the perfect depth to any part in your room, besides the fact that using more glass and mirrors in your house make it looks more spacious, and more shiny and stylish. Mirrored furniture can be a night stand, a wardrobe, a countertop, console table or other items that all have something in common which is “practical & stylish”. Practical on so many levels, as they serve there own task plus the magic functionality of the mirror combined to them. And stylish as they are never outdated, and can fit to any design that you’re adopting for your room or house.

Another common thing for mirrored furniture and which is the main topic of this article is the durability. And the most common question in this sense is does mirrored furniture break easily, considering the fact that these items contains pieces of glass, or totally glass.

So in the following sections, we’ll be answering the question does mirrored furniture break easily, in addition to some other points to consider when thinking about buying a new item, or if you already have one or many in your house.

Pros and Cons of Mirrored Furniture

Mirrored furniture like all other material based furniture has there own pros and cons, nothing is perfect. But what we usually search is something with more pros than cons, and we think that this is the case for mirrored furniture.

Pros of Mirrored Furniture

  • Mirrored furniture gives the illusion that the room is larger: by placing a mirrored item in your room, you will make it looks more spacious. This is one of the best advantages mirrors offer, as by the reflections, it gives the illusion of bigger space.
  • Enhance the lighting: Instead of that the sunlight and interior lighting been absorbed by the walls, mirrored furniture can easily reflect this light making your room brighter and warmer.
  • Easy to clean: yes! a cloth or pieces of newspaper in addition to a lemon and vinegar solution is all it takes to make your mirrored furniture clean as new.

Cons of Mirrored Furniture

  • Needs more care: Mirrored furniture are more prone to stains and fingerprint traces, so you will be asked for a constant maintenance to keep it shiny all the time.
  • Heavy weighted: This kind of furniture is more likely heavy, so it will be harder to move from a place to another.

Overall, mirrored furniture has more pros than cons, and this is what you want to see in something you are considering to buy for your house.

As you may notice, we didn’t mention mirrored furniture durability neither in the cons or the pros, and we’ll be discussing this point in the following section.

Can Mirrored Furniture be Repaired ?

The great thing about mirrored furniture is than it can be repaired easily, so don’t worry about a mirrored nightstand being broken !

The glass on the furniture can be either scratched, cracked or completely broke. Each damage has it’s solution you only need to pick the adequate solution depending on your budget.

For a cracked mirror, you can either change the whole piece of mirror by replacing it by a new mirror sheet, or you can simply use a windshield repair kit (the same one used for cars). This latter is a transparent resin that can be injected into the crack and plugs the fracture with a substance that prevents it from further breaking.

For a scratched mirror, you can apply toothpaste or nail polish over the scratches. The abrasive ingredients in these two solutions can occasionally polish out scratches.

If the glass of your mirrored furniture is completely broken, you can consider replacing it in a local glass company nearby.

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Can You Mix Mirrored Furniture With Wood Furniture ?

Can You Mix Mirrored Furniture With Wood Furniture ?

Yes ! according to interior design specialist, mirrored furniture can be mixed to any other furniture material or style that may be in the same room. Mirrored furniture will add a stylish and luxurious touch to the room, in addition to the advantages of having mirrors in your room (check the pros of mirrored furniture above).

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