How Much Teflon Tape to Use : Optimal Number of Wraps

Teflon tape is one of the most used products for plumbing and sealing. However, you’ll need to apply the correct amount of this tape so you avoid negative impacts.

In this article, we’ll discuss how much Teflon tape to use in numerous cases, besides clarifying when Teflon tape is not recommended.

How Much Teflon Tape to Use on Brass Fittings ?

When dealing with brass fittings, Teflon tape is one of the most used sealer that can ensure a leak free joint. Although, it’s not the best, and you’ll need to combine it with silicone-based joint or rubber seal for a more secure sealing.

For brass fittings, you will have to apply 5 to 6 full turns of Teflon tape to make sure you sealed the joint properly. If it still feels loose, complete another full turn.

The number of Teflon tape wraps to use on brass fittings will depend also on the thickness of the tape. Which means that the thicker the tape is, the less amount you’ll need and vice versa.

How Much Teflon Tape to Use on Shower Head ?

Using Teflon tape when installing a shower head is very common, as the Teflon tape will ensure a good sealing, in your shower room. However, you can get a loose connection if not using the proper number of wraps.

For shower heads, you’ll need to to use half inch Teflon tape and you want to roll it on to your shower arm threads in a clockwise direction.

2 to 4 Teflon tape wraps is what you will need for shower heads, starting on the first thread closest to the arm itself.

Make sure to avoid using too much Teflon tape on the shower head, as you might end up by Teflon tape getting inside the shower head and clogging it.

How Much Teflon Tape to Use on PVC ?

Before determining how much Teflon tape to use on PVC pipes, we should mention that Teflon is not the best when it comes to sealing and connecting PVC pipes.

However, if Teflon tape is the only available thing, then you’ll need to use the Teflon tape with a minimum thickness of 2.5 mm.

Wrap the tape in the direction of the PVC thread to ensure a good seal. You only need 2-3 wraps of tape, but thinner tape may require 4-5 wraps. Start wrapping at the fitting’s end, covering the end to prevent the thread from seizing.

How Much Teflon Tape to Use on Gas Fittings ?

For gas fittings with a threads diameter of 1-1/2″, you will need to use a 1/2″ width Teflon tape. Then apply a minimum of 2 to 3 wraps, and maintain some tension to the tape so it sticks well on the thread.

We should mention that the non proper usage of Teflon tape on gas fittings can sometimes cause some pressure buildups in your gas line, which might be dangerous.

How Much Teflon Tape to Use on Air Fittings ?

Teflon tape is widely used for air fittings especially in compressors and hydraulic fittings. However, the misuse of this tape can cause some problems going from simple leaking to pressure buildups.

For an optimal use, you’ll need to use 5 to 6 Teflon tape wraps on your air fittings. We recommend the use Of yellow Teflon tape made for natural gas use; it’s heavier and ensures better sealing, although it’s about 3x as expensive.

Don’t over use the Teflon tape as it might get into the inside of the pipe clogging your air or hydraulic system.

How Much Teflon Tape to Use on A Pipe?

Typically, one to two wraps of Teflon tape around the pipe are enough to provide a good seal, though you must also ensure that the tap is grease free.

Make sure there are no gaps or other irregularities between the first and second pipe. If there are gaps between the threads, air may escape into the main water supply, and if there is air between the threads, your pipes may begin to leak, causing significant damage over time.

Teflon tape comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you should have no trouble finding something that works well with the threads in question.

If possible, we recommend using a high density rating tape, which will be stronger and ensure the thread connection lasts longer, in contrary to cheap low quality tapes.

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