Open Kitchen concept: pros and cons

Pros and Cons of Open Concept Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the basic rooms that make up the house, it is the most used part where food and delicious meals are prepared, so it must be designed appropriately in order to provide comfort and stand in it appropriately, in addition to choosing decorations that suit special needs by family.

Therefore, there are multiple designs available, including L-shaped kitchens, and other U-shaped kitchens, and each of them has its own uses with its defects and advantages, and these shapes are specialized in open kitchens, and this form is one of the modern forms and preferred by some in these times.

Open Concept Kitchen

The open kitchen has begun to spread recently, and it is a kitchen design without walls so that it overlooks the living room or the hall without barriers, and there are new designs for kitchens from the inside, including acrylic kitchens, which is a type similar to glass and contains distinctive shapes and different colors, so it is preferred many people use this design because of its luster and splendor of design. There are also aluminum kitchens, which are a kind of modern type that has spread in the recent period due to the ease of use and cleaning.

Therefore, when designing the kitchen for the home, the lady chooses the kitchen and pays attention to all the minute details of it, because it is the most important piece in the house in order to meet the family’s needs for preparing meals, and it is also the place where the housewife spends a lot of time.

Therefore, it is necessary to choose the appropriate design and decorations that provide comfort and order, as well as it must suit the special needs of the family in order to better meet their needs.

There are some shapes for open kitchens that are U-shaped and this shape provides a lot of space in order to stand comfortably, as well as some shapes that are L-shaped, and this design is one of the designs that suits spaces that are small and works to provide The largest amount of space in it, in addition to the fact that there are kitchens that consist of one wall that provide work efficiently and perfectly.

Pros of Open Concept Kitchen

There are some positives that come back to the house when designing the kitchen with this system, which the a person notices after the final design of it, which increases the psychological comfort of the woman and gives her a large space to move inside the kitchen.

In addition, it can give a great taste when cleaning it in an orderly manner, due to the elegance of the cupboards that appear in several frilled colors that give an aesthetic appearance from the outside. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the arrangement and organization of those kitchens that are in this system.

Save More Space

One of the most important advantages of open kitchen design is that it can give more space than it actually is, and the reason for this is that it is devoid of walls, which creates additional space in it, helping the housewife to move easily and conveniently inside the place.

Easy To Deliver Dishes

Kitchens that open to the living room or dining room make it easy to carry dishes from the opening into the room and quickly reach the dining table.

Especially this feature is useful when there are guests and it is necessary to prepare the dining table in record time, it can help to easily carry the dishes and prepare the table very quickly.

Ease of Communication with Others

Open kitchens allow easy communication with people while inside the kitchen to prepare meals, for example, it is possible when there is a group of guests sitting in the living room and the housewife cannot communicate with them because she is busy preparing food, these kitchens allow easy talk with them and welcome them through the opening that is located in the open kitchen or even the wall that has been removed.

Cons of Open Concept Kitchen

There are some negatives that appear when designing these open kitchens in homes, which the housewife may suffer from after use, and the reason for this is that the kitchens are not constantly clean or chaos appears.

Visible Kitchen Chaos

You may suffer from the appearance of chaos that appears clearly on the rooms overlooking the open kitchen, and this chaos occurs because the kitchen is not cleaned immediately after use, and the utensils and dishes are not washed immediately after the food preparation process.

The reason for this is not having enough time to clean the kitchen after each time preparing food, as there are some people who clean it once a day or at the end of the day, which leads to the appearance of that mess in the other room that overlooks the kitchen and affects it significantly negative.

Especially if there is a dinner party or there are guests who notice this mess, which makes the people of the house feel embarrassed and the appearance of the uncleanness of the house in front of them.

Smells out In the House !

It is normal that there are some smells that come from the kitchen, and it is not necessarily an appetizing smell, there are smells that escape from the kitchen that may be so harsh that they spread throughout the house.

This smell may come from cleaning the oven or due to the accumulation of food residues in the kitchen without covering it, or even the accumulation of large quantities, which leads to those unpleasant smells going out quickly.

You can avoid this smell by opening the ventilation holes such as the door or window, in addition to the fact that it is possible to operate the kitchen fan that works to suck out unpleasant odors, or even ignite wonderful smells such as perfumes, incense sticks or fragrant candles.

Annoying Sounds

There are some sounds that naturally come from the kitchen, due to the preparation of meals, when using the electric mixer, the grinder, or even the egg beater.

In the case of an open kitchen, sound spreads very quickly throughout the house because there are no closed walls that reduce sound or a separate door for it to mute the sound.

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