Pros and Cons of Acrylic Kitchens

Pros and cons of acrylic kitchens

The kitchen is the most important room in the house, as it is used on a daily basis to prepare food. It must be characterized by durability and solidity that can withstand daily use and heat. All the materials with which kitchen units are manufactured so far have many advantages and disadvantages, which the user can compare and choose what suits his needs, and one of these trending materials is Acrylic.

Acrylic is a chemical compound whose scientific name in chemistry is polymethyl methacrylate, which is a very flexible, semi-transparent plastic strip. Acrylic is know by it’s high durability, light weight and low cost, but for every materials there are pros and cons that we should consider.

In this Article, we’ll walk you through the main pros and cons of acrylic kitchens, to help you make a decision.

Pros of Using Acrylic in Kitchens

There are many advantages for which an acrylic kitchen can be made, which are:

  • Acrylic fixtures give the kitchen elegance and luxury, as it has a distinctive shape, unlike its counterparts of other brands.
  • It is characterized by giving a sense of spaciousness, because of its shiny and bright colors, adding luster and luster.
  • It helps to feel comfortable because of its luster and vitality, and increases the luminance because it reflects light.
  • It is available in many bright and beautiful colors, which makes a person able to choose the most distinctive of them.
  • Acrylic is a very safe and non-toxic material, and it can be used without feeling afraid.
  • Acrylic is resistant to scratches and undesirable deformations.
  • It does not accumulate grease, and is very easy to clean with a scented tissue.
  • It remains shiny and bright for life, while maintaining its cleanliness, it can remain as if it is still new, and this is mainly due to the selection of a solid wood material on which the acrylic strips are based.
  • It can be preserved for many years and people feel like it is new.
  • One of the most characteristic of acrylic kitchens is that they are resistant to moisture and weather factors.
  • Wood kitchens are far from elegant despite their elegance because of insects, but acrylic is anti-insect and germs, and more elegant than wood.
  • Acrylic kitchens resist rust and shock.
  • It is characterized by its ability to resist heat.
  • Acrylic kitchens are distinguished by their ability to withstand pressure.
  • Acrylic material works on its ability to resist fire and fire, so it does not catch fire.
  • It is distinguished by its average price relative to its readers from other units.
  • There is the possibility of making shiny colors such as gold, silver, off-white, mint and other colors that are not available other than this material.
  • It helps to feel that the place is more spacious due to the availability of light and distinctive colors.

Cons of Using Acrylic in Kitchens

There are some minor drawbacks in acrylic that are found in many other materials, which are:

  • Dirt may appear on it if it is not cleaned daily and the grease resulting from cooking is removed from it.
  • Acrylic does not prevent insects from appearing.
  • Its high gloss and transparency make it easy to mark handprints, and contact with children’s hands, they should always be cleaned gently.

Acrylic Kitchen Maintenance Tips

  • Always be careful to polish the kitchen, immediately after cooking, as the fat is not allowed to dry out and accumulate on the kitchen.
  • The best advice for polishing the kitchen is a glass polish or wet wipe.
  • Be careful not to get water into the kitchen parts, especially the units.
  • Make sure to deep clean the kitchen for one day a week, as the floors, walls, and electrical appliances are cleaned.
  • Putting things in their correct places after each use is one of the things that makes it easier for housewives to maintain their kitchens.
  • You must get rid of the accumulated fat on the stove first.
  • You must commit to emptying and cleaning the units, and returning the utensils to their places.
  • Always take care to clean the food and spice cabinets, before refilling each time.
  • It is very good to keep the refrigerator organized, tidy, and get rid of food leftovers, which are useless.
  • Cleaning the hood permanently, saves the kitchen from the presence of insects, and maintains its elegance, so it must be cleaned and sterilized.
  • Care must be taken that the basin is always empty of utensils, as it always gives others cleanliness and comfort.
  • Marble is frequently exposed to falling food residues or cutting vegetables, which must be wiped and sterilized with the materials used by the housewife.
  • It is always preferable to wipe the marble after cleaning and drying it with olive oil, which gives it gloss, smoothness, and a new look always.
  • Drying the sink, marble and kitchen units is not a luxury, it is a great way to keep your kitchen always clean and beautiful

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