Should You Choose an Onyx Countertop ?

Onyx Countertops

What Are Onyx Countertops?

Onyx countertops are made of a natural mineral called onyx. This mineral is one of the many varieties of quartz such as agate and chalcedony. Onyx is made of silicate, which means that it’s characterized by a high durability and resistance to weathering and moisture, besides the fact that is characterized by a low porosity, making of onyx countertops one of the best ones when it comes to stain resistance.

Onyx countertop gains it’s reputation because of the colors and the patterns that can offers as you can find almost any color with very unique natural patterns. with that being said, onyx countertops can fit to any home decor and any kitchen style going from minimalistic to modern styles.

In this article, we’ll walk you through a review of the onyx stone countertops, answering some of the most asked questions, besides some tips to maintain your onyx countertop if you already have one.

Is Onyx a Good Material for Countertops?

Onyx is a strong and highly natural mineral. The mineralogical composition of onyx make of it one of the hardest minerals, besides the fact that it’s a stable non-radioactive mineral. Onyx is characterized by a very low porosity the same as quartz countertops, which make of it one of the best countertop materials when it comes to stain resistance.

Onyx can resist to outdoor conditions, moisture, and heat, so it’s an all in one material that can be used for a kitchen or a bathroom countertop for a long long time.

The most interesting part about onyx is that it can be in any color, dark color such as black, white, red, blue, gold or even purple. In addition to that, onyx is known by it’s various textures and patterns which can add a very unique touch to your kitchen.

With all that being said, and depending on our experience, we can say that onyx countertops need to take a shot if you’re planning to not change your countertop for a long time.

Is Onyx Expensive for Countertops?

Onyx stone countertops can range in price from 50$ to 250$ per square foot including installation fees. So when you compare that price to other premium materials it’s a very competitive price, as marble and granite countertops can sometimes reach 300$ or 350$ per square foot, but with less functionality and lower finish.

Onyx countertops are offering a very good quality/price ratio that deserves to be considered, knowing all the advantages that you get.

Do Onyx Countertops Stain?

Onyx countertops are characterized by low porosity levels, which make it one of the best materials when it comes to stain resistance. Although, onyx countertops need to be sealed using a proper sealant. It’s recommended that you change the sealant once in a year to prevent harsh chemicals and oils to penetrate the surface of your countertops causing stains.

Does Onyx Scratch Easily?

Because of the mineralogical composition of it, onyx is considered as a low maintenance material that resist to scratches and high impacts. So you don’t need to worry about you onyx countertop from you stainless steel knife, instead you need to worry about your knife from damaging.

Onyx Countertops Cost

Onyx countertops can cost from 50$ to 250$ per square foot including installation fees. The cost variation depends on the finish and the rarity of the onyx used in the countertop. Some finishes are very rare which explains there high bill.

On the other hand, with a 50$ to 70$ per square foot (sometimes lower), you can get a descent looking onyx countertop, without scarifying any of the functionalities or durability features of the onyx countertop.

Onyx Countertops Pros and Cons

As with any countertop material, you can find pros and cons, but with onyx countertop you’ll get more pros for sure.

Pros of Onyx Countertops

  • Appearance: the appearance of onyx countertop is what’s make it very valuable, with different colors and textures that can fit to any home style.
  • Durability: onyx countertops are very durable, scratch-proof and can resist to strong impacts. Onyx is a low maintenance material.
  • Unique: every onyx slab is different from the other, so you will get a unique master piece that only you have it.
  • Price: considering the functionality and the beauty of onyx, it’s price ranges make it a very competitive material.

Cons of Onyx Countertops

Some onyx types can be calcium based, which means that they can be damaged when contacting acid or harsh chemicals, so you need to be sure that the onyx you’re getting is not calcium-based.

How to Clean Onyx Countertops

The best way to clean onyx is by using hot water and soap. yes it’s as simple as that. Avoid using acid-based cleaners and acetone, and use always a delicate cloth such as microfiber cloths.

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