What Backsplash Goes with Black Granite?

What Backsplash Goes With Black Granite?

One of the most beautiful types of granite countertops is the black Galaxy granite. It’s a distinctive granite type that have many advantages, and it’s especially used in interior and exterior decoration applications.

Among a wide range of granite, marble and natural stones, Black Galaxy Granite is a mostly dark black granite with small golden or white spots like shiny stars. This durable granite is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications and is recommended for countertops, granite kitchen sinks, accent walls, backing, wall cladding, floors and stairs.

Black Galaxy Granite is a very hard and durable granite that can withstand shocks and high temperatures. It is difficult to scratch break or chip, besides the fact that black granite countertops are stain-resistant.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the best options you can adopt as a backsplash for black granite, in addition to other answers for the most common questions about black granite countertops.

What Backsplash Goes with Black Granite?

The very obvious option is using black granite as your backsplash, not only for it’s functionality but also for it’s unique beauty. The black granite backsplash can fit to any kitchen style not matter if it’s modern or classic style.

If you’re looking for contrast, you can use neutral colors which can be guaranteed by white porcelain tiles or white subway tiles. These two options are the best white backsplash which can add a very beautiful and unique flavor to your kitchen and make it look warm and welcoming.

Patterned or Mosaic backsplash are one of the best alternatives from our experience. Herringbone style or white ceramic arabesque are two recommended backsplash that fit perfectly with black granite countertops, especially if you’re merging them with white cabinets.

Mirrored backsplash is always a very good option to consider merging with black granite countertops. Besides that beauty and the reflectivity of mirrored backsplash, it provides plenty of functionalities when it comes to make the kitchen warmer and expanding visually the space in your kitchen.

Is Black Granite Natural ?

Black granite is a natural stone, that can be formed in the earth crust by igneous activity. It can be a basalt or gabbro, which are natural stones that are rich or ferromagnesian minerals that give it the dark and black color.

Black granites can range in color from pure black with veins and striations or secondary colors like white, gold or brown. It is worth noting that the main producers of black granite are the USA and Brazil.

Is Black Granite Expensive?

After reviewing different kinds of countertop materials in last few years, we can say that black granite countertops are the best deal that you can have. Black granite price can be as low as 50$ to 70$ per square foot, which is very low for a premium countertop material.

The price of black granite make it one of the best option and a quality/price ratio that you need to think of. Usually, if you want a black quartzite or black quartz countertop, you will be paying a bill of 200$ per square foot. This is because of nothing but the rarity of black quartz and black quartzite, and nothing to do with durability and funcionality.

And finally you should be aware that generally, black granite are less expensive than white granite countertops, because the fact that black granite is more abundant in the nature. It’s a question of rarity not durability or funcionality!

Black Granite Vs. White Granite, Which One to Choose ?

Each one of those has it’s pros and cons, so it’s a matter of taste and cost as well.

If you’re concerned by making your kitchen bigger and wider, the white granite countertop is the best option, it will make your kitchen looks larger with much more light reflecting from it. Also, white granite countertops allows you to be more creative with the decor and the cabinets.

On the other hand, black granite countertops look much more classier, and because of the whitish and yellowish dots on it’s surface, it hides the dust and crumbs in contrary to what every body says.

If you really want to use a black granite countertop because you’re afraid that your kitchen is small, you can combine it with neutral backsplash and white or grey cabinets to make your kitchen look wider while benefiting from the beauty and the great functionalities that black granite can offer.

From the economical point of view, black granite countertops are widely cheaper than white granite countertops. A high quality white countertop can costs you up to 400$ per square foot! While a high quality black granite is only 100$ to 150$ per square foot. Besides that black granite countertops offers a wide range of prices starting at 50$ per square foot.

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