Top 6 Backsplash that Goes With Taj Mahal Quartzite

Taj Mahal quartzite is a pure countertop material that can suit a variety of home designs due to its white base with gray brown veins. This beautiful natural stone is a great choice for kitchen countertops, as well as bathroom countertops, fireplace surrounds, home bar countertops, commercial bar countertops, and outdoor kitchen countertops.

This white quartzite is similar to Italian Calacatta marble in appearance but much more solid and durable. It can be used for kitchen worktops without the problems of scratching and pitting on marble. During the polishing process, an epoxy resin is applied to the surface of the stone to fill in any natural pits, cracks, or cracks that may be present.

In this article, we’ll answer a very popular question which is what backsplash goes with Taj Mahal quartzite, knowing that we can have different veins colors, and different base colors as well.

Is Taj Mahal Quartzite Natural ?

Absolutely yes! Quartzite is a natural stone that comes from the transformation and metamorphism of sandstone due to changes in pressure and temperature. It is a durable and scratch-proof rock that can be used perfectly as a countertop. This rock comes from Brazil, and it looks like marble as you can find some veins with different colors from the base color.

The Taj Mahal Quartzite Slab is named after the famous mausoleum and is likely due to its light tone; nevertheless, it is not the white quartzite stone used on the Taj Mahal building. This Brazilian quartzite is actually significantly warmer than the blinding white of the Taj Mahal, thanks to its soft, white or beige background tones and golden and amber striations, making it a good interior design choice for many homeowners and experts.

What’s The Difference Between Taj Mahal Quartzite and Marble ?

The main difference between marble and Taj Mahal quartzite or any quartzite is that this latter is more durable and scratch proof besides the fact that the quartzite is acid resistant, in contrary to marble, that can be damaged when contacting acidic solutions because it’s a carbonate product.

What Backsplash Goes With Taj Mahal Quartzite ?

Actually, you have plenty of options, it depends on the style of your home and kitchen. Also, it depends on the color of the Taj Mahal quartzite and the color of the veins, and whether you’re looking for a matching or contrast.

The top 6 backsplash that will present a perfect match with Taj Mahal quartzite countertops are :

  • Taj Mahal quartzite as a backsplash as well
  • Ceramic tile
  • Porcelain backsplash
  • Mirror backsplash
  • Stone tile
  • Stainless steel

The first option that you have is to use the same quartzite as your backsplash, this option is very suitable in case you don’t want to bother your self with designing and color matching, especially if you’re not hiring an interior design expert. This alternative would be less expensive that the other options mentioned bellow.

According to our expert interior designer, the second best choice is combining your Taj Mahal quartzite countertop with ceramic tile as a backsplash. The ceramic tile can fit perfectly to this kind of countertop as it comes in different shapes, patterns and colors that can fit to any quartzite color.

The third alternative is the porcelain backsplash. This longer lasting option is made from fired clay, but you won’t find much shapes and colors that will match the Taj Mahal quartzite that you’re using. However, you would except a more expensive bill for the installation of the porcelain tile comparing it to the ceramic tile.

Mirrored backsplash can fit just great to the Taj Mahal quartzite, according to our interior design expert. In addition to its shapes, designs and shades, mirrored backsplash can make your countertop and the kitchen as a whole look bigger thanks to the reflectivity of that can offers. Mirrored backsplash is easy to clean and don’t need any sealing, but it’s slightly expensive than ceramic.

Stone tile backsplash can be added to the list of the best options that matches the Taj Mahal quartzite, so you combine to things with the same nature: Stone. This natural material comes in different colors and patterns from which you can choose the one that fits to your countertop, in addition to the high durability of such backsplash.

Stainless steel is also an option when it comes to backsplash that suits the Taj Mahal quartzite. The stainless steel backsplash is durable and easy to clean, besides the fact that it can reflect light which will make you kitchen warmer and welcoming place.

Finally, as it’s stated in the beginning the best backsplash for Taj Mahal quartzite depends, on which style you want to adopt. do you want to match colors, in this case you can use the same quartzite, or mirrored backsplash, or stainless steel backsplash. Or you want to contrast the colors, is this case it’s better you use ceramic or stone as a backsplash for your Taj Mahal quartzite.

Is There A Taj Mahal Quartz?

No, there is not! By definition, Taj Mahal is a quartzite that comes from brazil, and quartzite is a natural metamorphic rock that comes from the transformation of sandstone under high temperature and pressure. On the other hand Quartz is a mineral not a rock.

Which Is Better Quartz Or Quartzite?

Technically speaking, quartz is a mineral that can survive for a longer period than the quartzite rock. The quartz is made of oxygen and silica, so you can imagine the strong bonds inside of this mineral which you can make advantage of. On the other hand, quartzite is a rock made of several minerals, with pores inside so it’s not as durable as quartz.

From a decoration point of view, by choosing quartz you are scarifying the colors and the patterns as quartz in most of the time is white, or glass-like texture. On the other hand the quartzite can offer much colors and patterns from which you can choose from, depending on the style you’re adopting for you kitchen and house.

What Color Cabinets Go with Taj Mahal Quartzite ?

When it comes to selecting the perfect color for your kitchen cabinets, there are many options to consider. However, when choosing a color for your Taj Mahal quartzite cabinets, be sure to choose something that will harmonize well with the natural stone.

Some popular cabinet colors that work well with Taj Mahal quartzite include light blues, greens, and purples. If you’re unsure of what color would be best for your home, it’s always a good idea to consult with a professional interior designer. They have decades of experience in the field and can help you choose the perfect hue for your kitchen.

What Color Sink with Taj Mahal Quartzite ?

A variety of colors are available for your sink with Taj Mahal quartzite. You can choose from a range of light and dark colors, or go for a more subtle color palette to perfectly match your existing décor.

If you’re looking for something truly unique, try choosing a color that is off the beaten path – you might be surprised at how well it looks in person!

Is Taj Mahal Quartzite Porous ?

Taj Mahal Quartzite is a very porous stone and can easily absorb water and moisture. This can lead to damage if not taken care of, so it is important to seal any cracks or joints in the stone with a sealant if you want to keep it looking its best.

Does Taj Mahal Quartzite Stain Easily ?

Taj Mahal quartzite is a very hard and scratch resistant stone. It is also known for its beautiful golden color. However, it does stain easily if it gets wet or if there are food particles on the surface. Therefore, care should be taken when choosing a taj mahal quartzite as the back splash for a kitchen or bathroom.

Do You Need to Seal Taj Mahal Quartzite ?

Of course, all stone countertops including Taj Mahal quartzite need to be sealed, due to their porous property that can soak liquids very easily causing countertop yellowing.

If the taj mahal quartzite is sealed then it will last longer and look better. However, if the taj mahal quartzite is not sealed then it will eventually wear and stained.

What Sealant to Use for Taj Mahal Quartzite ?

There are several types of sealants that can be applied to quartzite, and other types of stone countertops. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks, so it is important to choose one that is specifically designed for use on this type of surface.

Some sealants that may be appropriate for use on quartzite include silicone caulks, acrylic Seal-A-Matic®, and Urethane Sealant by J&J®. Silicone caulks are the most popular option due to their ease of application and durability.

They do have a slightly odorless formula, but they can still cause some irritation in some cases. Acrylic Seal-A-Matic® is a more recent option that has received positive reviews because it is easier to apply than silicone caulks but also has greater resistance.

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